Project Description

OCPAD – Occluded Checkerboard Pattern Detectoreval-occluded-distorted-occ18-ocpad25

OCPAD is a new checkerboard pattern detector based on ROCHADE. With this new method partially visible calibration patterns can be detected. This may be due to a pattern that is larger than the field of view, or because some object occludes some parts of the pattern.

In short this detector allows you to:

  • Find more checkerboard patterns than with other state of the art methods
  • Get your calibration images faster
  • Obtain more accurate calibrations due to better distributed point correspondences

Below you will find the paper, an implementation and our evaluation data for download. Feel free to use it in your own experiments.


OCPAD is published under GPL terms.
Please cite the following reference in any published work if you use this software. BibTeX data is provided below.


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