I did not need the soldering station. And the sleeping mat. Christian and I simply stayed up all night, and we had two good reasons. First, at around 1am we had a nice idea for improving our IoT-lamps. Second, we were not the only ones. Even at 4am there were still 30 people hacking (out of almost 140). Easily enough to justify a support staff of two.

After having been to four Kinect v2 hackathons we thought we knew what to expect before we hosted this event in Erlangen. But the crowd simply blew our minds. So much dedication. Many people literally hacked the night away. At the end we saw 20(!) teams presenting their projects.

Out of those these teams were selected by the jury as winners:

  1. Vizoo
  2. Shared: No sleep – and – So you think you can present?
  3. RadiAX

Special price for the best medical hack:

  • NeuroDetect

Personally, this huge event gave me a blast. Seeing so many talented and dedicated hackers, the great ideas they had, and how much they got accomplished in just one day, this is simply astounding. I had tons of fun coding a sensor which detects when my washing machine is spinning and the IoT lamps. But I equally enjoyed helping the teams on their journey.

Finally, all that’s left for me is to thank everybody for making this happen. Microsoft for sponsorship, support, and loaner hardware; Intel for loaner hardware; the Medical Valley Center for organizational help; Cafe SchwarzStark for the catering; and last not least Christian for having this dream and following it. Good night. (actually, first I’m gonna hack some more)