Last week we attended Image Sensor Conference 2015 in London. On our blog we would like to share our impression of the conference with you.

Kaushik Mitra presented a very informative workshop on computational photography on the first conference day. He provided a good overview of recent work in computational photography. Thank you Kaushik.

On the second day the actual conference started with a great opening talk of Giora Yahav, General Manager for Advanced Imaging Technology at Microsoft. He gave an insight into his story from founding 3DV Systems, getting acquired by Microsoft and working on some amazing stuff like Kinect and HoloLense. The other talks on day two gave us a good overview of current state of the art technology in imaging sensors. Harald Michaelis, Head of the Department Planetary Sensor Systems at DLR Institute of Planetary Research gave a spectacular talk on image sensor planetary space mission at the end of day two.

Day three was especially interesting for us as several talks directly targeting our core business were presented. Laurent Plaza, FlightSense Product Marketing Manager of ST Microelectronics gave a presentation on their amazing direct Time-of-Flight product. Next Markus Rossi, Chief Innovation Officer of Heptagon talked about real-time 3-D sensors developed by Heptagon and made some comments on the future of Mesa Imaging which was acquired by Heptagon a few months ago. David Stork, Fellow of Rambus gave probably the most impressive talk on lensless ultra-miniature computational sensors and imagers: using computing to do the work of optics.

The conference ended with an entertaining talk given by Jed Hurwitz, Technologist Advanced Measurement Systems at Analog Devices. The topic of his talk: An insider’s outside view of image sensor development past, present and future, basically was a review of CMOS sensors and his life in sync. He had some essential contributions in bringing CMOS to the market.

In summary, we had a great time in London, made some very interesting contacts and learned a lot about the CMOS sensor business.

See you there next year.

Our highlights

  • Kaushik’s workshop on computational photography
  • Giora’s talk about his story
  • Learning a lot about imaging on planetary space missions
  • Getting information on direct Time-of-Flight applications from ST Microelectronics
  • Seeing what Heptagon is doing in the real-time 3-D camera business
  • Learning about super small lensless sensors
  • Listening to Jed Hurwitz