Around 8700 people from 56 countries came to this year’s worldwide leading trade fair in imaging and imaging processing “VISION” to Stuttgart (04-06/Nov) in order to get first-hand information about the newest innovations of imaging components like cameras, sensors, processing units, software tools, as well as complete application solutions. In comparison to 2012, when the last VISION took place, there was an increase of exhibitors from 382 to 432 and also the number of visitors gained 25% which can be subsumed as a full success.

Metrilus took this opportunity to present their newest innovations to the international expert audience. One of those was the XRazor 3000 pro technology, which “scanned” the unsuspecting passing fair visitors and showed them with their skeleton on a huge screen. People felt as if they could look into their bodies and see their bones move and turn exactly with their body movements. This nice eye-catcher made people stop and caused several pictures that were twittered under the hashtag #skelfie during the whole fair.

XRazor 3000 Pro

Metrilus Aiolos Finger Tracking

Likewise it gained people’s attention and interest for the other demonstrated technologies shown at the Metrilus booth. As for the Metrilus Aiolos hand and finger tracking with the new Kinect system. Metrilus Aiolos follows the goal to control machines and interfaces completely touchless. One big opportunity and advantage of this technology is that through its lightweight implementation it can be easily integrated into any application.

Metrilus thereby sees a huge potential for the automotive and medical industry in the future. Last but not least customers could try out the mobile system named MetriX that measures the volume of static boxes in seconds. This compact system enables mobile packet scanning. Due to its compact realization is seamlessly integrates into existing processes.


On the last fair day, Metrilus CEO Dr.-Ing. Christian Schaller held a 30 min presentation to introduce Metrilus which will turn five next year. He emphasized what Metrilus has reached so far by showing videos of the practical usage of their applications like collision avoidance or people tracking and also exposed their wide spectrum of application fields to the international audience which are multi 3-D camera applications, gesture based systems as well as object detection applications for instance.

The focus of this year’s VISION fair was for the first time industrial PCs and embedded PC systems which are ideal for complex imaging tasks. Apart from that it became obvious that realtime 3-D applications, especially Time-of-Flight cameras will gain importance in the upcoming years which was supported by the VISION award for the company odos imaging and their realtime 3-D camera.

In all the VISION 2014 was indeed a full success for everyone– exhibitors and visitors. Metrilus says thank you for the strong involvement and interest in the Metrilus products and services.