Metrilus Feasibility Pack

For first time customers, we have built a unique package, called feasibility pack. We created this offer based on our expertise and tailored it to get you started working with 3-D cameras immediately.

3-D range imaging is an emerging technology with applications in various business fields. Be ahead of your competitors and start discovering the opportunities that 3-D range imaging can provide for your business. Start working together with one of the most experienced teams in this field today.


Picture: WillmyCC/Hans-Martin Issler


reusable results
All results obtained by the study can be used in further projects

Save Time

fast realiziation
We offer you a short-term handling of your feasibility pack.


fixed price
We work on a fixed budget and take care the promised results will be delivered.

Stay Ahead

latest technology
We work technology independent. This will guarantee you the possibility to always use latest technology.

Feasibility Pack Information