MetriX Dimensioning API – BETA Program Application

Metrilus MetriX is a game-changing technology for logistics. It really represents just a complete revolution in supply chain management. Cubic dimensions of parcels are mandatory key figures for supply chain optimization. Traditionally you had to measure these dimensions by hand or you had to spend thousands of dollars on complex measurement devices.

The huge breakthrough we have with MetriX is that we are able to use off-the-shelf hardware like tablets or smartphones to determine cubic measurements of parcels. We figured out a way to achieve fast and at the same time precise measurements at very low costs in arbitrary environments.

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Be part of the MetriX Dimensioning API launch! The API enables you to build apps and products using fast and precise auto dimensioning. Apply now to secure your beta program participation: MetriX will support different real-time 3-D camera technology, like Intel RealSense Time-of-Flight based cameras or structured light sensors.

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