Freight Dimensioning &
Master Data Capture

Improve your logistics operations with MetriXFreight's volume measurement systems, which dimension millions of goods every month during inbound, outbound, and cross-docking processes. Our reliable systems can automatically determine the dimensions and volume of goods, parcels, and pallets within milliseconds, making it easy to implement innovative freight dimensioning and master data collection processes.

Since 2010, we've provided innovative solutions to leading companies worldwide using cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence technology. Trust MetriXFreight to optimize your logistics operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Data is Key

Maximize Logistics Efficiency with High-Quality Data

Master data acquisition is crucial for optimizing logistics processes. MetriXFreight simplifies this process with minimal effort, streamlining processes and integrating data with IT. This results in immediate cost savings and increased productivity, allowing logistics managers to focus on strategic decision-making.

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For better Data

Gain Competitive Advantage with MetriXFreight

MetriXFreight is the preferred solution for Freight Dimensioning and Master Data Collection. Our systems provide high-quality logistics data, enabling the implementation of a wide range of applications and services. Trusted by Leading Companies in Road, Air, and Ocean Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Manufacturing, and Distribution Across Various Industries.