MetriXFreight Product Family

MetriXFreight products and solutions can be tailored to numerous use cases and processes. Legal-for-trade (LFT) applications are covered by corresponding EU-type and OIML certificates.

Our products are based on the MetriXFreight software platform. A powerful framework based on advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Each new feature is carefully developed and tested in close collaboration with a wide range of our customers. This enables us to ensure a consistent user experience across all devices and processes. That includes excellent performance as well as standardized data transmission and consistent operation.

Image documentation, shipment identification or weight integration can be handled directly in MetriXFreight. Customizable software add-ons enable our customers to implement efficient and innovative workflows and processes.
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Software-driven workflow improvement

Depending on the use case, the requirements for workflows and processes are always different. Especially in complex inbound processes for master data entry, you can gain a lot with customized and simple workflows.

Our customizable software modules were developed specifically for this purpose. This allows us to adapt MetriXFreight even better to the requirements of our customers.

In addition to our versatile additional software add-ons, MetriXFreight can of course always be adapted in its use to the respective customer process.

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Seamless weight integration by MetriXFreight

All MetriXFreight measurement solutions, including the S-Series and L-Series, support native scale integration.

The optional MetriXFreight Device Server directly supports communication protocols of common scale manufacturers. The device server enables the easy connection of MetriX-certified scales to any MetriXFreight system and seamlessly adds the weight information to the dimensional data for further processing.

We offer a wide range of scales, from industrial bench scales to platform scales. Depending on the task, the maximum capacity and accuracy can be configured individually and purchased together with a MetriXFreight system.
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