Metrilus and Bizerba develop joint logistics system

Leveraging on synergies, creating added value

Erlangen, June 17, 2021 – Metrilus, provider of 3D camera-based solutions for master data collection and freight measurement and Bizerba, innovation-driving provider of hardware and software solutions in the field of weighing, cutting, and labelling technology, are launching a joint volume measurement system. This combines Bizerba's and Metrilus' leading weighing and computer vision expertise into a holistic, all-in-one solution, optimising logistics and intra-logistics operations for awide range of industries.

Located in Erlangen, Germany, Metrilus is specialised in providing high quality logistic data in a cost effective and fast way with its "MetriXFreight" product portfolio. Thanks to more than ten years of product development expertise in the field of real-time 3D applications - for example in retail, medical technology or the automotive industry - Metrilus has a unique expertise in this field. The company is a proven expert in the use of computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Alongside the world's leading logistics service providers, Metrilus' customer base also includes medium-sized logistics and industrial companies.

Together with the market-leading weighing solutions from Bizerba, the two suppliers have created a holistic, fully integrated complete system for volume and weight measurement. This system can be used to measure products that are just a few centimeters in size as well as pallets that have been commissioned in a complex manner. The new product combination can be used in various application scenarios: It optimises the collection of master data in incoming goods as well as the storage and control processes of containers in intralogistics in outgoing goods. In addition, logistics service providers and freight forwarders benefit from the very fast freight measurement of entire pallets in the cross-docking area.

Individual, flexible and efficient

With the static measuring systems, individual customer requirements can be fully implemented. Various standard components, such as weighing terminals from Bizerba, can be integrated depending on the area of application, including solutions of the type iS25, iS30 or iS50, for example. These are matched by the respective load receptors from Bizerba. The solution is completed with the various volumetric instruments of the MetriXFreight product family. These currently include the L200/205 system for pallet measurement and the S110/120 variants of a mobile table system for master data collection.

Both weight and volume data are then generated through the interaction of the components and are then combined and made available to the user via a common interface. The measuring speed of the manually fed goods, packs and pallets is a few hundred milliseconds, which has a positive effect on throughput and process efficiency. Moreover, the weighing and vision systems from Bizerba and Metrilus can be calibrated individually and independently of each other, which additionally facilitates handling and maintenance of the complete solution and ensures constant measuring accuracy.

Today, the system is operating successfully and has secured a permanent place in the incoming goods department of one of the largest national retail groups. In addition, a leading, internationally active 3PL logistics service provider uses the new volume measurement system in the life sciences sector. The joint solution "Made in Germany" is also trusted by a major manufacturer of consumer electronics.

Benefits for users and manufacturers

The partnership enables Bizerba and Metrilus to make the best possible use of synergies between their weighing and computer vision technologies and create considerable added value for customers and users through their respective process expertise. They increase efficiency and optimise users' logistics and goods handling processes by intelligently linking the proven system components. In this way, Bizerba and Metrilus themselves benefit from the opportunity to reach new customer segments. Furthermore, the two innovation drivers support each other in the mutual marketing of the joint solution.

"By combining our solutions, we are able to serve the individual application profiles of our national and international customers in the best possible way. We make use of our joint expertise to provide users with a holistic range of solutions, which helps them to significantly increase their efficiency and, inturn, to lower costs in the long term," says Andreas Vogel, Head of Product & Application Management Industry at Bizerba.

"The interaction of volume and weight data is becoming increasingly important in logistics. We are pleased to optimally complement our mutual technology competencies through our partnership with Bizerba," says Björn Kayser, Head of Sales & Partner Management at Metrilus. " Thanks to the trusting partnership of our companies and the natural synergies of our technologies, we provide our customers with an innovative range of solutions enabling them to work in a future-oriented and reliable manner."

About Metrilus:

Metrilus focuses on applications in the logistics industry with its MetriXFreight technology and the product family based on it. The solutions offered by Metrilus use state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms. Metrilus also benefits from years of expertise in the analysis and evaluation of 3D cameras. The objective of Metrilus is to promote the digitalisation of logistics and the associated optimisation potential using pattern recognition methods. Building on this, Metrilus will continuously expand its current product and service portfolio in the future.

About Bizerba:

Bizerba offers its customers in industry, trade, and logistics a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software around the central value "weight". This portfolio includes products and solutions related to slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labeling. A wide range of services from consulting and service, labels and consumables to leasing complete the portfolio.

Since 1866 Bizerba has made a significant contribution to the developments in the area of weighing technology and today is represented in 120 countries. The customer base includes globally operating companies in trade and industry as well as retailers, bakeries and butcheries. With 4,300 employees worldwide and with its headquarters in Balingen, Germany, Bizerba has been in the same family for five generations. Additional production facilities are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, China and USA. Bizerba also has a global network of sales and service locations.

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